Frequently asked questions

Q. How does one become a member of an artist-run centre?

A. First of all, you need to identify the centre or centers that interest you. You should visit these and speak to the staff, or other people in charge, to tell them about your desire to become a member. They will then be able to instruct you as to how you can get involved.

Q. What is an artist-run centre?

A. An artist-run centre in a non-profit organization (NPO), run by a board of directors consisting of a majority of artists, the main activity of which is to support the research, presentation and production of works in Visual, Media and Interdisciplinary Arts. It provides artists with space, equipment, services and specialized resources, and makes available to the community activities such as exhibitions, conferences, debates, performances, publications, residencies and documentation.

Q. Is it true that this organization model was invented in Quebec?

A. No. However, it is true that the network formed by the Quebec artist-run centers is probably one of the best organized and most solid in the world along with its Canadian counterpart.

Q. What is "Art Actuel"?

A. At the Université du Québec à Montréal where "Art Actuel" is taught, it is claimed that it represents a new period of artistic production which appeared in the year 2000 to succeed the one referred to by "Contemporary Art". Others consider it to be the art coming from the artist-run centres and alternative movements - which is intrinsically connected to research. In 1992, Marie-Josée Dauphinais wrote a text in the publication "Points de force: les centres d’artistes" where she declared the acceptance of "Art Actuel" as a fact. The magazine Inter (Quebec) has also been using this terminology for quite some time. Finally, "Art Actuel" and "Art Contemporain/Contemporary Art" are frequently used interchangeably.

Q. Where can one obtain copies of RCAAQ standard contracts?

A. On this website by clicking on this link

Q. What activities are covered by these standard contracts?

The RCAAQ has created eight standard contracts covering the following activities:

  • Curating
  • Web communication
  • Exhibition
  • Performance
  • Public performance
  • Publication
  • Reproduction
  • Residency

These contracts exist in French and in English.

Exhibitions and Events

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