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What is Réseau Art Actuel Portal?
Réseau Art Actuel is a portal dedicated to the promotion of current contemporary art. This virtual space aims to present the broad range of activities and practices found within the contemporary art sector in Quebec and Canada as well as internationally.
Réseau Art Actuel supports the development of partnerships in order to expand both the informational and the editorial content of the portal. Through intensive use of the Web media we wish to increase the visibility and availability of information which is not only professional, exhaustive and intended for an informed clientele, but also plays a role of mediation between highly specialized practice and the general public.
Réseau Art Actuel is an initiative of the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec (RCAAQ).


Why announce with the Réseau Art Actuel?
To reach a target audience consisting of professional artists, cultural workers, and local and foreign organizations involved in Contemporary Art.
  • A reliable source of information recognized by the community.
  • An average of over 25 000 visitors per month
  • An average of over 60 000 pages visited per month
  • An unbeatable offer at its launch
The simplicity of two ad formats:
  • 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high
  • 310 pixels wide by 310 pixels high


How to become a partner of the Réseau Art Actuel (Contemporary Art Network?)

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You can post all your programming on the Réseau as well as disposing of 3 ad spaces of the 300 X 250 pixel format to use however you choose for the duration of a year. This offer is valid for a 52 weeks.


How does the billing work?

• A secure transaction system.
• Bills are sent either by surface mail or by e-mail.
• Payment is made either by check or by credit card.
• Payment by credit card can be done by telephone.


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