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It was to bridge a gap in the field of Québec publishing that the journal Muséologie, Les cahiers d’études supérieures was created in 2006.  Museology is a recent and little known discipline and until the journal went to print, a Quebec university publication on the subject did not exist. Since its beginnings five years ago, the scientific journal aims to offer young researchers an outlet to publish their work and a greater visibility to the professional community for their activities.  As the journal was mainly intended for an academic clientele, from the outset the editorial team called upon the support of a scientific committee made up of faculty members who validate the quality and accuracy of the content.  Its polished layout, diversified academic contributors, a different yet comprehensive perspective on museology and the collaboration of renowned specialists in the field, gave Muséologies the credibility it needed.

Today the journal has gone beyond the scientific frontiers of the milieu of museology experts by, among other things, making effective use of modern communications, notably the Net. It has even been recognized as an official scientific resource in museology by Québec’s Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine, won the 2009 Forces Avenir Arts Literature and Culture prize and the 2008 Grafika award in the category printed media. 

The journal has crossed the borders of Canada and includes amongst its memberships international museums and documentation centers; it is available at Centre Pompidou, École du Louvre, Musée du Quai Branly, Musée Olympique in Lausanne and Musée d’ethnographie in Geneva to name a few. Athematic and semestrial, the journal has nevertheless released two special issues : a first edition with l’École du Louvre’s proceedings of its international colloquium on museology held in Paris and Strasbourg in September 2008, and a second edition covering museological problems brought forth by contemporary art re-exhibition.


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