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Réseau Art Actuel is committed to respect and defend your rights as to the protection of your personal information online and otherwise. Réseau Art Actuel is subject to Canadian laws as regards personal information protection. It respects your right to privacy and observes its obligations towards you.
This page summarizes the Réseau Art Actuel's privacy policy and practices regarding information in relation to its website. Its purpose is to provide you with the most complete and precise information in order to enable you to make an informed decision when you choose to communicate with Réseau Art Actuel through its website.
When you visit our website, the privacy of your personal information is respected. We do not collect any of your information unless you choose to send us an e-mail in which you freely provide us with your name and particulars to reach you. The Internet works in such a way that it passively and automatically collects data related to the Internet Protocol address (IP address). This Internet "address," which is assigned by your Internet Service provider (ISP), is unique to every Web user. IP addresses are automatically registered by Web servers. While it is not possible to physically identify a person by an IP address, it is possible to locate and identify Web users through the intervention of the ISP. Thus, an IP address is considered to be personal information since it is a number that can identify a user. For this reason, IP addresses are protected by most Privacy Acts. Issues regarding the protection of personal information in relation to IP addresses are explained below.
The personal information of users of our website which is obtained by e-mail is only provided to those members of the staff of Réseau Art Actuel who need this information to answer the requests of the visitors in question. We do not use this information for any other purpose. We ensure the protection of all personal data in our possession by way of solid security mechanisms, including strict access control.
Our website is hosted by servers belonging to a third party: Iweb Technologies. All personal information collected for us by Iweb Technologies is treated according to the above-mentioned privacy policy and protected by applicable laws. We also use Google Analytics to obtain other Internet data regarding our website.

Server Logs

During the regular course of the establishment and maintenance of Web connections, our servers automatically collect information on the visits made to our site. The server's logs register statistical information, such as the visitor's IP addresses, the type of operating system used, the duration of the visit and the Web pages accessed, and determine categories of visitors according to factors such as domain and browser types. These statistics are globally transmitted to our information technology, communication and research staff. They help to improve our website and to provide our visitors with the optimal experience.
The need to examine our server's logs can sometimes occur for security purposes such as uncovering intrusions into our network. Thus, it is possible that we may need to use the data of the server's logs, which includes our visitor's IP addresses, for criminal investigation purposes in order to find and identify wrongdoers. In case of such an investigation, the raw data of the logs would be made available to organizations authorized in the handling of such breaches of security.


The application server ColdFusion and our website use HTTP cookies. Cookies enable us to track every visit of each user of our website. This lets us establish with precision whether they are visiting for the first time or returning. Such data is necessary to provide precise reports about every hit on our website.

For each page accessed by the user, the cookie retrieves the following information:

  • The date and time of visit (according to server time).
  • The external link : the Webpage which brought them to one of the pages of our site. This could be a page from our own website that has a link to another page of the site, or any other external link like the result of a Google search or any site linked in some way to Réseau Art Actuel.
  • The query string: this is the information that follows index.cfm.
  • The user agent : this is the information provided by the browser. This information concerns the browser, the operating system and sometimes other browser functions.


Electronic subscription, electronic postings and mailing lists

he user who subscribes with the R éseau Art Actuel mailing list provides her/his e-mail address and, in certain cases, her/his name and surname. S/he should know that the search engine of the postings works in such a way as to personalize each link in the postings sent to her/him. Each of these links is modified so as to lead users towards a central area of the main server where their requests are stored before being sent to the chosen destination. This procedure is identical for all the links, including the links leading to external sites. Thus the usage reports on our postings contain only generic information, such as the number of clicks, and do not in any way show personal information (who clicked where). However, the data that makes up these reports is taken from the databases.

You can, at any time, unsubscribe from the mailing list by clicking on the unsubscribe option. Your e-mail address will then be added to the unsubscription list and nothing will be sent to it anymore. You can re-subscribe at any time.

Other sites to which we provide links may have different policies regarding the protection of personal information. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers does not assume any responsibility as to the practices in connection with information of these other sites. Thus, we strongly encourage all the users of our website to pay attention to the policies and declared practices regarding personal information protection of all the sites to which we provide external links.

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